About The Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council

Map of areas served by Fire Safe Councils in Humboldt County

SHFSC Overview

The Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council (SHFSC) was formed in 2002 by residents in the region who recognized the potential for community devastation by wildfire.

Mission Statement

  • Promote community awareness of fire prevention and preparedness
  • Educate and assist the community in implementing fire-safe practices including defensible space and fire hardened buildings
  • Promote cooperation between government agencies, fire safe councils, landowners and residents, volunteer fire organizations, and other fire safety stakeholders
  • Restore the historical beneficial role of low intensity fire to the landscape through prescribed burning

Council members

  • Gail Eastwood (Chair)
  • Bill Eastwood
  • Dave Kahan
  • Kerry Reynolds
  • Richard "Tanner" Speas
  • Harry Vaughn
  • Kathy Weber
  • Larry Wilson


Your much appreciated tax deductible donation is held in our dedicated
account by our fiscal sponsor, Trees Foundation. Your receipt will be in
the name of Trees Foundation.


  • Distribute fire safety information and related educational materials at community events and other venues
  • Broaden the base of participation in SHFSC
  • Periodically update and improve the CWPP and other planning documents
  • Promote development of a network of fuel breaks, safety corridors, and defensible spaces
  • Assist landowners obtaining funds for defensible space projects and roadside fuel breaks under FLASH and similar programs
  • Support livelihood opportunities pursuant to realizing our vision

The SHFSC has collaborated with a variety of fire and forestry organizations to achieve its goals.

The SHFSC has completed numerous shaded fuelbreak projects and has been a participant in implementing the FLASH program.


Monthly Meeting and Email List

We meet on Zoom first Thursdays; your participation is welcomed. Look for the Zoom link on our Facebook page a few days before the meeting, or email us to get a link. If you’d like to receive meeting reminders, agendas, minutes, and other fire-related emails, email us to join our email list.

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