Evacuation & Safety Resources

Anyone who lives in Southern Humboldt may someday face an evacuation order. Mega-fires, fanned by intense fire winds, make this possibility more likely.

The time to think about evacuation is before the fire.

Think about the 6 “Ps” of preparation:

  • People

  • Pets

  • Prescriptions

  • Papers

  • Personal Needs

  • Pricless Items

For guidance in making a wildfire preparedness plan, check out the CAL fire site, Ready for Wildfire.











  • Go Bag

    Always have a "Go Bag" packed with the essentials (clothing, prescriptions, contact list, snacks/food, water, flashlight, emergency blanket, etc.) in case you have to evacuate suddenly.

  • Sign Up

    Sign up for alerts: get timely texts and/or calls about evacuation warnings, evacuation orders, and other emergency alerts.

  • Packing List

    Take the time to think through what you need. Prioritize your list—you may have a day to pack, or you may have to leave quickly. Imagine what you would need to get through a week (or more) on your own; consider what’s precious and irreplaceable.

    Your list will be individual to you, but this list might help you get started.

  • To-Do List

    Make a “to-do” list of how to leave your home—(for example, gates unlocked, propane turned off, water and hoses available).

    Here’s a handy guide, including things to do to improve your home’s chances of surviving.

  • Pets and Livestock

    Make a plan for pets and livestock. The Humboldt County Fairground in Ferndale and the Mendocino County Fairground in Ukiah are usually open for boarding livestock during a fire emergency.

    Do you have a transportation plan for livestock?

  • Evacuation Routes

    Know all your possible exits! Evaluate their safety and know whether they’re open. Practice driving them as needed; make sure you have any gate combinations. Are there “safe zones” along the way?

    Reliable, up-to-date information can be found at KMUD, KZYX, and Redheaded Blackbelt


  • When an evacuation warning is declared, it’s time to pack. Use your list to organize what you want to take if you have to leave.

    Load, or be ready to load into your vehicle.

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Humboldt County


  • An evacuation order means load up and go now. Many fire fatalities are of people who evacuated too late; you’re safer to leave well in advance of the fire.

    If you think you might want to stay and defend—or circumstances might force you to shelter in place--there are not many published resources to help you think through your resources and danger level. This talk by Colin Wilson, former Anderson Valley Fire Chief is a useful introduction to thinking about this subject.

    If you’re interested in the research on sheltering in place, check out this paper from the national Homeland Security Digital Library