Garberville Fire Safety Friday

FIRE SAFTEY FRIDAY – March 25th, Noon till 4pm on the Garberville Town Square

Fire season is coming, is your home ready?

A group of Garberville residents have taken the initiative and will share what they have learned from fire safety experts across California. Join us on March 25th to find out how to make your home, and our whole community, more resilient to better survive the next wildfire event.

Look for us on the Garberville Town Square from noon till 4pm. There will be free support materials available to help you identify the most critical steps you can take to harden your home against wildfire. See a satellite map of Garberville to identify the vulnerabilities in your area of town and make a plan on how you will respond. Check out a home model showing before and after home hardening treatment. And watch a video screening of an ember storm to help visualize how embers can start a fire in and around your home.

Learn about the Cal-Fire Home Assessment from a Cal-Fire Home Inspector who will be there to help you. This is your chance to sign-up for a fire safety home inspection.